Redefining Electric Bicycles: The Solex Way!


Redefining electric bicycles: the Solex way!

Solex strives to offer the best riding experience on electric bicycles. We want to create beautiful e-bikes that have the best of old school styling and are crammed with the most possible technological features available. We believe that our line of electric bicycles respond to every possible need that a rider, whether newly discovering our brand or being a long-time fan, possesses. We are confident that after trying our electric bicycles once, you will fall in love with it.

Founded in 2010, Solex International Cycle manufactures Solex electric bikes that are distributed throughout Europe and Japan. After over a year of technical adaptation,
we are now ready to introduce our range of e-bikes to the North American market.

Whether you are looking for a leisurely ride or a way of commuting to work, whether for environmental reasons or just the sheer joy of riding a Solex, the extra push provided
by an electric bike is pure pleasure.

As our old French ads used to say, climbing the Pyrenees on a Solex is a breeze. Our bikes are equipped with a powerful and silent motor that allows you to choose between pedalling normally or using the motor for partial or
complete assistance.

We offer four bikes designed to meet Canadian and American standards and needs. We only use quality components, and all the bikes sold in North America
are approved by an independent laboratory.

Solex is an icon of cycling, having sold over 8 million bikes in Europe from 1946 to 1988. This is the return of the electric bicycle, and we have designed one with you in mind.

You’ll love it from the minute you put your foot on the pedals!