The technology of Solex electric bicycles

A cutting edge electric bicycle with retro styling cues!

Whether it is in regards to the electric bike’s components and build materials, the battery, or both, we believe in offering the customer the absolute best in cutting-edge technology in order to present the best possible riding experience. The Solex line of electric bicycles offers incredible technology along with subtle design cues that create an unparalleled riding experience.

Each model is designed with different needs in mind, and the motors have to be able to keep up. Motor power also needs to be adapted to the amount of energy supplied by the battery. To produce quality bikes, we need to determine the optimal battery/motor combination.

Like our finished products, our lithium-ion batteries are rigorously tested. We've installed a battery management system (BMS) on all our Solexity and E Solex bikes; this hidden system works in the background to balance the Sony battery packs and extend their useful life. A full year of work went into developing this “smart Solex BMS” technology.

The newest addition to our line of e-bikes is the Solexity x350. This electric bicycle encompasses the BionX H-Torque G2 motor with an incredible torque sensor and high quality design in order to create the best riding experience for all occasions. You will feel the difference as soon as you sit on the bike and start pedaling.

Riders will love our stylish one-piece frame for the fact that it eliminates most of the noise and vibrations caused by a traditional add-on luggage rack. Solexity bikes also feature a battery built right into the frame, for an attractive look and better performance since the battery contacts are protected from the elements.

On most electric bikes, the wiring is visible—a detail we feel very strongly about. On our bikes, all wires are hidden inside the frame, resulting in a much sleeker look and reducing the risk of the wires snagging on something during use as well as premature deterioration of the cables.

The uniquely designed front and rear lights—the front light is built directly into the frame and the rear lights are mounted on the frame and the luggage rack—are standard features on all of our models. Our Pininfarina-designed bikes are practical, sophisticated and stylish, not to mention
a joy to ride.

We believe in combining efficiency with innovation, and that's why our intelligently designed bikes are built with durable, quality parts and in line with the latest technological developments.