E Solex electric bicycle


E Solex

E Solex


• Frame design by Pininfarina
• Color: Black and Red - Limited Edition

• Lithium-ion polymer Sony cells
• Solex Battery Management System (BMS) with balance cell
• 48 volts, 13.2 amps
• Removable battery for charging
• Charging time: 80% in 4 hours
and 100% in 6 hours

• 500 watts nominal, high torque,
rear motor
• Efficient brushless
• CAN and US standard

• 30 to 45 km / 18 to 28 miles, criteria:
pedal assist-level terrain-weight of cyclist

• New crystal display km or mile
• Level battery indicator
• Odometer: km/h and mph

• 17 inches Solex designed
double-wall aluminum rims
• Front and rear disk brakes

Download the pdf here


• Mechanical front wheel shocks
• Solex design shocks for the saddle

• 32 kph / 20 mph motor assisted
• Hand grip throttle

• Comfort Solex design with suspension
and height adjustement

• Vintage black Kenda 17" x 2.4"

Other bikes specs:
• Front storage compartment as a Baletto
• Built-in rear luggage rack
• Chain transmission
• Integrated 15 watt front and 5 watt rear lights with rear braking light
• Total weight: 36 kg
• Front and rear mudguards

• Bike and electric components for one year
• Battery for 18 months



We have maximized the integration of electrical components on our E Solex bikes and still maintained our classic look in order to preserve the Solex heritage.

Designed by the Italian company Pininfarina, the E Solex is truly a classic that has risen from humble beginnings has a fully equipped modern style.

It is the Solex with the most European vintage look combined with North American specifications. The first 300 North American Bikes will be numbered as 'Limited Editions' and have the new display design.

Final product specifications may vary slightly