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E Solex

The classic electric bicycle

Designed by the Italian firm Pininfarina, the E Solex stands out from our other products because of its classic, vintage and totally urban design.

Allow yourself to be charmed by the E Solex's unique charms and the pure pleasure of riding it on a sunny day. The E Solex is in a class by itself thanks to its beautiful Italian design.

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Beauty and style in one electric bike

This range of bikes is available in three versions, Solexity, Solexity 500 and Solexity x350. This bike provides a relatively straight seated position for increased comfort. Its distinctive beauty comes from Italian design. A simple concept married with superior performance and an unbeatable look.

Solexity 400 Solexity 500 Solexity x350
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Pininfarina folding electric bike: one of many stylish options

The Solex folding bike, which breaks down in just four steps and 20 seconds, is a breeze to transport. Take it with you on the train to work or on the boat to your vacation spot, bring it with you camping, or own it simply for the pleasure of having a bike that's easy to store. The possibilities are endless!

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