Solex folding bicycle

Pininfarina designed folding electric bike: one of many stylish options

The Solex folding bike, which breaks down in just four steps and 20 seconds, is a breeze to transport. Take it with you on the train to work or on the boat to your vacation spot, bring it with you camping, or own it simply for the pleasure of having a bike that's easy to store.
The possibilities are endless!

One thing is sure - this 0.4 square meter bike will definitely attract attention. The battery installed behind the seat post charges quickly and easily, for a straightforward riding experience.

With its sleek design, proven performance and choice of three colours (old white/black, gunmetal grey/brown, matte black/red), it will leave the competition in the dust.

The encore to the E Solex, the Solex folding bike - the second model designed by Italian firm Pininfarina - has been enhanced with a luggage rack and a matching-colour suspension saddle.

You can hit the road with confidence thanks to the 24-V 10-amp lithium-ion battery and light yet powerful 250-watt motor. The bike's 20-inch tires and front disc brake and rear v brake will safely take you anywhere you want to go.

You'll love this little Solex bike for its ease of handling and low centre of gravity. Not only does it look great, it drives great, too! You'll be styling with this premium folding electric bike.

Give it a try! It's in stores now...

Download the PDF here